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Trans FX Inc.
2361 Eastman Dr.
Oxnard CA 93030
M-F 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM 

TFX is a custom fabrication shop focused on achieving results for our customers

We utilize our insight and experience in the following ways: 

  1. Providing solutions: We borrow from the best practices and proven processes we’ve discovered and developed during our long history of working in various industries. This allows us to arrive at solutions rapidly and with a visionary approach.
  2. Offering more than fabrication: We are experienced designers and engineers well-versed in the language of digital design. For over 20 years, TFX has been drawing from its broad experiences by leveraging advanced technology to conquer complex design and engineering challenges with efficient and economical results.
  3. Achieving speed and flexibility: We develop solutions that increase our speed and offer additional flexibility for our customers.  We refine the solutions and utilize them in a cross-functional way allowing for application across multiple industries. This opens possibilities for innovative approaches and also provides optimal efficiency for our customers.


TFX started in 1993. TFX’s founders leveraged their experience implementing emerging technologies acquired at General Motors’ California Advanced Design Studio. Although digital technology has revolutionized the workflow of just about every industry in the world, each industry has integrated the digital process into its workflow at its own pace. In the United States, the automotive industry was one of the first industries to embrace digital technology for product design and development.

We recognized that these new digital tools, revolutionizing the automotive design process, could be applied to other industries who would also significantly benefit. With a deep appreciation of how important these advancements in digital technology were, we embarked to bring these ideas to the forefront in other industries. We started by investing in the best technology and software available at the time. 

As a new company with a purpose to advance the idea of designing and fabricating creative works utilizing emerging technologies coupled with CNC equipment, we were perfectly positioned to take on our first major project: the Batmobile. Our mission was the development of a new Batmobile for the blockbuster movie, Batman Forever. We utilized a digitally-driven design process that made it possible to concurrently engineer and fabricate the car’s chassis while we designed and fabricated the car’s body and interior. If implemented correctly, we knew that this digital process would eliminate many of the upstream labor-intensive development and fabrication tasks.Our intuition was correct and we successfully fabricated the first Batmobile using digital design and fabrication technology. This process led to several improvements: shorter design and fabrication schedules, higher overall quality, and better integration with the film’s visual effects. Most important: we successfully fabricated a world-famous iconic vehicle which exceeded our customer’s expectations and has delighted Batman fans everywhere. Fortunately, this project has led to countless other opportunities, including the development of another Batmobile and other recognizable film properties and vehicles.

Our new digital tools were game-changing but the real art was, and still is, understanding how to best utilize these tools for efficacy and speed, while sustaining design integrity and fabrication quality and recognizing our cients’ funding and schedule constraints. Our clients can be assured that this is the guiding principle of every project at TFX.

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